A3 size in point

The most common A3 paper size in point is 842 x 1191 po. To calculate the A3 size (and other A sizes) in point, you can use the calculator below. First, select the A-size and then choose the unit in which you want the calculation. The result is shown in the last column undersize.

A point is the smallest unit of measurement in typography. It is mostly used for measuring font size and aligning on a page. Since the 80’s the DeskTop Publishing point has become the standard. The DTP point is defined as 1⁄72 of an inch. This is 1/72 ⋅ 25.4 mm ≈ 0.353 mm.

A3 size in point calculator.

With the point calculator, you first have to select the A-size with the desired unit. By default, this is set to point on this page. The result of the calculation is displayed in the last column. You now see the size of an A3 in point. Beneath the calculator is an image with an A3 in landscape and portrait mode. The value for length and width is in point.

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Overview A-size in point.

Overview of the A3 size in point (po).

Size Point
4A0 4768.47 x 6741.63
2A0 3370.815 x 4768.47
A0 2384.235 x 3370.815
A1 1683.99 x 2384.235
A2 1190.7 x 1683.99
A3 841.995 x 1190.7
A4 595.35 x 841.995
A5 419.58 x 595.35
A6 297.675 x 419.58
A7 209.79 x 297.675
A8 147.42 x 209.79
A9 104.895 x 147.42
A10 73.71 x 104.895

Other units such as centimetres, pixels and meters.

Choose from the units below for the A3 size in Micrometres (μm), Millimeters (mm), Centimetres (cm), Meters (m), Thou (th), Inches (in), Feet (ft), Yards (yd), Pixels, Pica and HPGL.